Welcome to LMHPCO, a member supported non-profit, educational corporation created in 2001 to encourage and enhance the continued development of palliative and end of life care for everyone in this part of the country.

We work on research projects, professional educational products, and awareness campaigns that advocate on behalf of patients facing serious and terminal illness, as well as their families and caregivers who support them. Our (c)(4) Advocacy organization, the Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care, brings this awareness to lawmakers and regulators in Mississippi, Louisiana and Washington, DC.

We’ve launched this redesigned site to better serve hospice patients, their families and the providers that serve them throughout Mississippi and Louisiana. Here, you will find resources to help you make better choices with regards to serious illness and end of life care.

Hospice and palliative professionals will find valuable links and resources for enhancing your practice and the services you offer to patients and their families. This site will allow hospice professionals to not only register for educational events, but track your continuing education credits from our educational programs throughout the year.

We invite you to explore this website and become part of our effort to improve end of life care in Louisiana and Mississippi. If you can’t find the information you’re searching for, contact us directly at 1-888-546-1500 or by email at [email protected] for assistance.  Click here for Staff or Consultant listings.

The Benefits of Membership

As a member of this organization, you will enjoy all of the benefits of membership, from 50% discounts on our educational events, to weekly updates and regulatory alerts.  It will give you access to technical assistance & networking capability to name just a few of the benefits.

Information you provide us becomes part of the database that patients and families use to search for services and care in their area of the state.  If you have questions, you can reach a staff person at 1-888-546-1500 to assist you.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to improve end of life services in this part of the country.

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LMHPCO's Advocacy efforts include:

  • Earlier and More Meaningful Advance Care Planning
  • Greater Safety for Patients and Providers During Emergency Declarations
  • Better Care for Veterans Facing Serious and Terminal Illnesses
  • Increase Health Equity and Elimination of Disparities at the End of Life
  • Better Care of Incarcerated Individuals Facing Serious and Terminal Illnesses
  • Greater Support for Caregivers and the Bereaved
  • Continued Commitment and Sustainable Funding for ALL of the Efforts Identified Above!

In recent years, the hospice providers have experienced unprecedented regulatory challenges. These challenges will continue with increasing pressure from federal and state budgetary concerns, regulators, as well as the ongoing opioid and COVID19 crisis.

In 2010 the Louisiana Mississippi Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (LMHPCO) Board of Directors foresaw these evolving challenges and established The Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care as part of a long-term strategic plan. The Alliance reaches out to providers, companies and individuals in the industry to help us enhance our advocacy efforts for improving care provided during end of life.

In 2022, the LMHPCO Bord of Directors approved the following statement:
Acknowledging that diversity is not only racial, but multi-dimensional, encompassing not just race and ethnicity but gender, sexual orientation, religion, incarceration status, and more.  LMHPCO is committed to ensuring that everyone feels seen and included from our Board of Directors to our staff, membership and affiliates. As an organization, we embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives of those with whom we work and encourage our members to do the same with their staff, patients and families whom they serve. 

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