Hospice Inside of Corrections

Our mission is to improve the quality of hospice & palliative care for everyone in Louisiana & Mississippi.


With the help of 4 psychiatric residents from Tulane Medical School, we are training 31 inmate hospice volunteers (in five different prison facilities) to facilitate Grief Support Groups within their respective prisons.

Here’s a picture of the first class at Rayburn Correctional in Angie LA to complete the 15-week training.


Warden Travis Day, and Asst Warden over Treatment Flyoyd Brooks were present as Dr Gem Bautman, MD and Jamey Boudreaux presented LMHPCO Certificates of Completion to inmate volunteers: Fredrick Campbell, Antonio Cuza, Nathaniel Gibson, Odoineau Samuels, Walter Sologaistoa and Kinoski Wilson.

Rayburn Correctional plans to launch their first support groups open to general population during the upcoming holiday season.  The other prisons participating in this same training program are located at Angola, Elayne Hunt Correctional, and LCIW (in Louisiana), as well as Parchman (in Mississippi).