Family & Caregivers

Our mission is to improve the quality of hospice & palliative care for everyone in Louisiana & Mississippi.

Welcome to the Family & Caregiver section of the LMHPCO website.  We’re here to help you navigate through the questions you might have about hospice & palliative care services available throughout Louisiana & Mississippi.

Using your zip code, you can locate hospice agencies & palliative care providers that service your neighborhood and community.  We know that navigating healthcare can be difficult and frustrating for many folks, especially when facing life and death decisions.  This section of the website not only addresses frequently asked questions of hospice and palliative care, but we also provide important links for caregivers, advance care planning, emergency preparedness and bereavement support, that’s available in your community.

If you cannot find the answers you’re searching for, please call 1-888-546-1500 and someone will assists you over the phone.