Hospice Provider Members

Our mission is to improve the quality of hospice & palliative care for everyone in Louisiana & Mississippi.

Benefits of Membership in 2024

Your Agency Receives
(available to all employees of your agency; click on highlighted items below for details)

1.  50% Discounts on all accredited Educational Conferences & Workshops Sponsored by LMHPCO 
2.  If your agency renews with LMHPCO before December 31, 2023, your agency receives a 50% Discount on your first registration to the 2024 annual Conference .
3.  50% Discounts on all LMHPCO monthly webinars
4.  50% Discounts on all LMHPCO+ Consultative Services
5.  Free Registration and 1 CEU for attending LMHPCO Area Code Meetings 
6.  Free Access to quarterly LMHPCO+ Conference Call
7.  Receive electronic copies of the weekly LMHPCO Update (local & national news regarding hospice and palliative care) 
8.  Access to all past electronic copies of The Journal (a monthly collections of articles related to common themes within the hospice & palliative care community in Louisiana and Mississippi thru July 2023) 
9.  Access to newly developed, discipline specific Crosswalks being posted each month since September 2023.
10.   Legislative Advocacy in Baton Rouge and Jackson
Access to Member Portal 
12.  Access to your agency’s market share information & more via Hospice Analytics at InfoMAX 
13.  Inclusion in FIND CARE search engine of hospice providers in Mississippi & Louisiana on the LMHPCO website 
14.  Network with other hospice professional to improve end of life care education through service on the Education Committee
Network with other hospice professional to improve the quality of care for veterans through service on the VA Taskforce
6.  Network with other hospice professional to help shape of End of Life public policy through the Alliance for the Advancement of End of Life Care
17.  Have access to a dedicated LMHPCO staff, committed to identifying, assessing and providing resources to help you improve the care you deliver in your community.
18.  Be part of a growing network of quality providers, making a difference in End-of-Life Care throughout Mississippi & Louisiana.

Annual Dues Options: 
a)  Traditional Calculation:  
base of $1000 (per provider number) + $5 per patient + $400 for each additional office location (that shares that same provider number)
b)  Corporate Calculation:  $7,600, plus $600 per location


LMHPCO downloadable member application