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ABOUT US - Hospice is a dynamic industry, with regulations changing rapidly.  It is sometimes difficult for agencies to maintain and assess the sustainability of the clinical implementation of these changes. LMHPCO+   provides consulting services on and off-site to help hospice agencies evaluate current clinical practices, identify opportunities for improvement and plan strategies to improve outcomes.
LMHPCO+  Consultants have over 40 years of combined hospice experience both in the clinical setting and day to day operations. Consultants' services are flexible and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization.  Our focus is on helping agencies to achieve clinical excellence in compliance with state and/or federal regulations through document review, policy review, mock surveys, and staff education.  Let LMHPCO+ help relieve the anxiety that may be associated with your next state or federal survey by performing a non-threatening audit or survey of your clinical services. 
LMHPCO+ was conceived out of the concept of the inability of two hospice administrators to find affordable, objective expert hospice specialists to offer guidance and evaluate hospice competency, compliance, and reimbursement. Today those two former hospice administrators, Mississippian Ann Walker, and Martha McDurmond from Louisiana comprise LMHPCO+.   

Ann Walker, RN, BSN, MBA, IHEC
[email protected]
888.564.1500 (ext 6)

Martha C. McDurmond, BSW, NFA, IHEC
[email protected]
88.546.1500 (ext 5)

Ann is a registered nurse with over 40 years of experience in the health care industry. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree is Nursing and Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Health Care Administration. She has been working in the home care and hospice field since 1994, serving in the roles of Clinical Manager and Hospice Director for a hospitalbased agency. These roles have equipped her with a vast amount of hands-on knowledge and expertise in state and federal regulatory compliance, licensure survey preparation, Joint Commission Accreditation, health care management, and educational presentations for both professionals and the communities served by Hospice. Ann is well grounded in the Minimum Standards for Hospice, Medicare CoPs, utilization of various Medicare Manuals. Ann has been actively involved with the LMHPCO organization since its inception serving as Mississippi Member-at Large, Secretary, and President. Currently, she serves as an Appointed Expert to the Board of Directors for the last 6 years. Ann also served as president of the Mississippi Hospital Society for Home Health, and was selected Heart of Hospice for Mississippi and Alcorn County Nurse of the Year. Ann has made numerous presentations related to hospice regulatory and operational issues. She has experience as an instructor, preparing candidates for the aide certification exam. Ann has been a partner with LMHPCO+ for 5 years. Being a part of LMHPCO+ for five years, Martha has 46 years of health care experiences in acute, long term care, and hospice. Holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work, she is a licensed Louisiana Nursing Facility Administrator. As a LA Hospice Administrator, Martha represented LA Hospices at CMS “Train the Trainer” program with the introduction of the Medicare Hospice Conditions of Participation of 2008. As a “trainer” she went on to offer trainings to the LA Department of Health’s hospice surveyors and hospice providers. Representing LMHPCO at the Palmetto GBA Hospice Coalition meetings she contributed provider insight in the delivery of patient care in Louisiana and Mississippi. Martha is well grounded in the Minimum Hospice Standards, Medicare CoPs, utilization of various Medicare Manuals, survey readiness, QAPI, and care management. In collaboration with the LA Department of Health, she participated in the Medicaid Managed Care project, the "Simplification" Committee, and contributed suggested revisions to the LA Hospice Minimum Standards. Frequently Martha provides educational offerings to the public or health care professionals. Actively involved in LMHPCO Board of Directors she has served in the capacity of President, Treasurer, Legislative Chairperson and currently serves as an Appointed Expert.
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LMHPCO+ is a fee for services benefit provided to LMHPCO members, health care agencies and professionals. LMHPCO members receive a 50% discount on counseling services. 


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